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Incremental Development

Custom tech solutions evolving with your needs

What we do

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How we work

Tech industry is hard. If somebody says it’s easy he is either a genius or he does not understand the problem well enough. In most of the cases, requirements are changing during development. We embrace this and we only develop based on real needs and improve based on future feedback.


We have a few meetings to discuss about the current situation. We will make some suggestions on how we can help you streamline your experience with the help of technology.

Version One

We agree on an initial solution and the the most urgent features. After that, we create a first working version of the solution that you can start using right away.

Incremental Development

Based on future feedback we add more modules to address further needs or improve existing ones to solve the problems in the most effective way.

Our Team


Technical Lead


Financial & Operations


Business Advisor


Software Developer


NY Business Advisor


Cloud Specialist / DevOps


Software Developer


Software Developer


Software Developer

Our technology stack


We use Docker in order to rapid prototype our ideas on testing environments and to easily scale up and down our production environments


We use Angular in order to have a fast idea to prototype cycle and because we love the dependency injection philosophy.


We use typescript to write our logic for JS runtimes because we can use ES6 already in our day to day development.


For heavy lifting stuff we need a battle tested and with a rich ecosystem solution so we use Java. Also we use java for android development.


We use NodeJS for lightweight applications that can scale to millions of users very fast.

React Native

We use React Native to deliver mobile apps in no time.

Past projects

Order dispatch platform

We created a solution for small businesses to aggregate various orders channels (email based, web based, API based) and have them centralised in a single system.

Data intercharge platform

The technology field goes through an accelerated growth and new systems and data formats are created almost every day, but businesses need their existing systems to be able to communicate both with old or new systems and data formats. This platform acts as a glue between systems and continuously pass data back and forth between systems that weren’t designed to work together.

Contract management platform

This product will solve contract management issues for a wide range of industries, organizations and functional requirements. Whether your needs are for a small department, a division or an entire organization, there is a right-sized solution for you. Contract management doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!

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Our locations

New Jersey

Our business advisors and sales team is based in New Jersey

Call us: +1 201 984 7332


Our development team is based In Bucharest

Call us: +40 766 355 645

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